Heavy Equipment Training

BNA members participated in Heavy Equipment Training in two successive years. In 2013, through funding from Waaskiinaysay Ziibi Inc. (WZI), BNA and the Red Rock Indian Band each put 6 of its members through HEO training in partnership with the Confederation College. Then again in 2014, BNA put on a second course with additional funding from the College, this time with 6 BNA members and 2 BZA members. In both years, the training took place over several weeks at the BNA Reserve Land in the fall. Members took the classroom portion of the training in the BNA training trailer, and conducted the hands-on training doing work on BNA’s roads. This included ditching, placing culverts, and grading. Along with successfully training several members from the community, the HEO training allowed us to purchase two new pieces of heavy equipment – a D3 Dozer and a John Deere Backhoe – as well as fix up out excavator in order to carry out the training. BNA will be able to utilize this machinery and our newly trained members to participate in the economic development activities that will be taking place in the region.