Jordan Hatton works efficiently and conscientiously for economic development initiatives and projects both on and off-reserve for BNA. Chief and council work to create opportunities that will lead to the employment of BNA members, and generate revenue in order to continue to build our reserve lands. BNA has, and participates on, several internal and external economic development corporations which also manage large development projects in the works. These include:

  • Papasay Management Corporation;
    • Value-Added Sawmill
    • Lake Nipigon Forest Management Incorporated (LNFMI)
    • Aggregates
    • Papasay Bee-Clean Partnership
  • Wawasum Group Limited Partnership (WGL) for BNA’s 50/50 partnership with AZA on the proposed pellet plant project;
  • Waaskiinaysay Ziibi Incorporated (WZI) Transmission Development
  • Lake Nipigon Forest Management Inc., along with AZA, BZA and RRIB, to manage the Lake Nipigon Forest;
  • Namewaminikan Hydroelectric Project
  • Mining
  • Education Anishinabek Training & Employment Services (AETS)

BNA also works with the Nokiiwin Tribal Council on joint initiatives with its member communities in order to ensure members have the training supports that they require.