First Nation Land Management Act

The First Nations Land Management Act (FNLMA) is a federal law which provides First Nations with the authority to develop laws governing reserve land.

The FNLMA will allow BNA the authority over reserve lands, resources and revenues on its reserve land base. The FNLMA removes barriers to economic development that First Nations typically experience under the Indian Act.

The act is of incredible significance to Bingwei Neyaashi Anishnaabek as it substanially increases the efficiency at which the community can accomplish its goals. What once took two years to accomplish by the Government can now be accomplished almost immediately.

Land-Use Planning Pilot 

BNA is the only First Nation in Ontario to be selected for this Pilot Project by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, and one of only eight communities in Canada.

The objectives of the initiative build the foundations for land-based economic development for:

  • Community engagement for future land use decisions;
  • First Nation community well-being and economic development; and:
  • The creation of a land management toolkit (land use planning, legal surveys, law making)

This project greatly improves the ability and efficiency of BNA to direct lands and pursue economic development. It gives BNA authority over reserve lands, natural resources and revenues on its reserve land base.

For more information:

Lands Committee