BNA has always been very business minded. As a new build community, with project funding always being an issue, BNA must off-set project development costs through its own alternative source revenue, through income streams, accrued wealth, and profits from businesses. The community strongly values a division between business and politics and established Papasay Management Corporation, an independent economic development arm, in 2008, through which all business is managed.





Papasay Management Coporation (PMC)

Board of Directors

Jordan Hatton BNA Director of Economic Development
Guy Gladu President
Linda Britt Vice-President
Audrey Gilbeau Treasurer
Michael Michon Secretary

This Board governs PMC, which includes the Papasay Quarry and Blue Lake Property. Blue Lake near Jellicho, a large piece of surveyed property with a beautiful lake shore and promise of future development of seasonal cabins for rent. Blue Lake has also been utilized for its large amount of aggregate which BNA used for the base of the Industrial Park. The use of this aggregate for the base of the Sawmill provided incredible savings and greatly offset the cost of the initial purchase of the Blue Lake Property.

The following page is a Satellite Photo and Completed Survey of the Blue Lake Property.



In 2020, in an area located 3 km north of Sand Point, BNA worked with Terra North in a massive crushing contract which resulted in 21 000 tons of Granular A and 12 000 tons of Granular B from what is now known as Papasay Quarry. This aggregate will be used for community roads, driveways, to fill in identified areas around BNA’s Industrial Park. With plans to acquire our own Loader and our own Gravel Truck, we will bring this aggregate to market and
further, working with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, increase the size and capacity of the quarry pit.