BNA Bio-Mass Project


In 2018, BNA applied to Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) for a large Bio-Mass Initiative, which included a 150 Kilowatt Boiler System. This system utilizes wood chips wooden slabs left over from our sawmill operations, which cannot be cut anymore which are chipped, go into a hopper, which then go into a boiler which provides heat for the sawmill. Previously, the sawmill was heated inside for our sawmill employees using Herman-Nelson Diesel Heaters, donated to BNA from Resolute Forest Products. Using the Bio-Mass System for the sawmill has greatly displaced heating costs and curtailed use of diesel.

BNA plans to use this Bio-Mass System in further expansion of its sawmill operations, such as an active Kiln Chamber, as well as in the heating of BNA Homes. As an additional part of the of the Bio-Mass Project, BNA was funded to purchase new equipment, such as a Tractor, Log End and a Mobile Chipper. Our community intends to eventually feed a district heating system which will heat the buildings of Sand Point, including our community buildings and our homes. Homes already build in the community will be retro-fitted to be Bio-Mass Compatible. This initiative, its studies and the initiative has been supported by Natural Resources Canada.