Phase 4-Member Owned Homes

While Phase 1 Housing is BNA-led, Phase 4 housing will be an area where members can build their own home. This phase will include the ability of members to make their homes either year-round or seasonal. The First Nation needs to backstop the mortgage of individual builders, so relationships with the banks are being developed. Members will have a time-limit to construct their home, no sitting on lots will be permitted.

BNA must complete the infrastructure requirements for this new housing phase, including the road and hydro development, as well as well and septic installation for each of the 6 available lots. The hydro for this phase will soon be installed, and the road, well and septic work will be undertaken in 2023.  

BNA will hold a lottery for these new homes and will need to continue in the development of the associated housing policies. More on this process will be forthcoming for the BNA membership.