BNA Land Code

Under the Framework Agreement, Land Code First Nations have full sectoral self-governing authority for reserve lands, natural resources and environment.
Immediately upon the coming into force of a Land Code, Canada transfers to that First Nation all the rights and obligations of Canada.

The Lands Committee, including members: Carey Calder, Leroy Clark, Gloria Deans, Marcel Donio, and John McCollum have been working towards the Land Code Amendment Process by following a series of steps, including finalizing a draft Land Code, Amendment #1. Going forward, BNA will be seeking member input and setting an Official Vote Date.

For more information on the proposed changes to the BNA Land Code, and the Land Code Amendment process, see below.

One of the most significant developments in lands and economic development over the last 30 years has been the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management, and the First Nation Land Management Act in Canada. Communities that move through this process can remove themselves from 25% of the Indian Act; all those sections related to lands.  

BNA signed the Framework Agreement in 2012 and following 2 years of community engagement and policy development, ratified its Land Code in March 2014. Many provisions have made BNA’s Land Code unworkable. Therefore, BNA’s Interim Lands Committee has turned its attention to the Land Code, and by working with the Lands Advisory Board, the Committee is working its way through the Land Code and finalizing changes.

Once completed, the community will utilize the same ratification and amendment process as was undertaken when BNA first got its Land Code in 2014 and will bring its newly re-ratified Land Code into effect.

BNA Land Code

March 30, 2014

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