Our Mission, Our Vision

BNA Community Mission Statement

“To foster a strong cultural identity and to protect Mother Earth. To provide equal opportunities for all”.

BNA’s Community Values are based on the “Seven Grandfather Teachings”: Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility, and Truth.

However, through the First Nation’s 2019 Economic Development Strategic Plan, a vision statement was created that is more specific to BNA’s economic development goals.

BNA Community Vision Statement

“To grow BNA’s economy and become recognized as a sustainable and supportive community where businesses succeed, members thrive and culture is celebrated”.

Lake Nipigon

The Values that lead BNA's Economic Development include:

1. Ambition: We pro-actively seek out opportunities and are driven to achieve results;

2. Self-Sufficiency: We will make sound, sustainable business and financial decisions so we can set our own path and support our people;

3. Fairness: We consider all perspectives and potential impacts in our decision making and provide equal opportunity to all;

4. Continuous Improvement: We learn from our experiences, the wisdom of our Elders and our mistakes to ensure we are always getting better as we move forward;

5. Collaboration: We welcome and seek out opportunities to partner with our neighbours, local businesses, regional industry and government to achieve the best possible outcome.