The vision of Chief and Council includes a revitalized Greenstone region, with people from around the world coming to see the beautiful nature, and Indigenous culture, that exists throughout the area. As the home community of Norval Morrisseau, the Woodlands artist who has become internationally recognized as one of the world’s most important painter, BNA has an opportunity to showcase its culture to the world.

There are two areas that BNA would like to develop in the very near future. These include:

Blue Lake Development

Big Virgin Island Development

5-Star "Copper Thunderbird" Eco-Lodge Development

Over the next few years, BNA is looking at developing a 5-Star Eco Lodge at Poplar Point. The plan would be for a top-of-the-line lodge experience, catering to those looking for tours for hunting and fishing, cultural teachings, and enjoying the beautiful shores of Lake Nipigon. This would include guides for fishing and hunting, storytelling by Elders, medicinal plants and berry picking, and other unique experiences. BNA envisions High Hill Harbour, another important area 5 minutes to the south of Poplar Point, would be a key part of the 5-Star Eco-Lodge experience.