CMHC Subsidized Housing

BNA commenced its housing developments in Phase 1 in 2018. To date, BNA has constructed 2 duplex rental units, 6 single-family dwellings, and we are in the process of finalizing construction on 3 more single-family dwellings. By the end of March 2023, BNA’s CMHC housing fleet will include 2 duplexes (4 units), and 9 single-family duplexes. Members must live year-round in Sand Point to be able to apply for either a rental or single-family dwelling home and BNA’s Housing Committee made up of 3 members for this work.

The hope of Chief and Council is to continue with an average of 3 new CMHC subsidized homes every year going forward. This will of course depend on demand from membership, and the continued ability of our housing contractor to find a regional workforce. However, Chief and Council believe that the continued development of our housing units must proceed to provide for our returning membership, and our ability to provide lumber for these homes from the Papasay Sawmill is critical to grow an internal economy within the First Nation.

By March of 2023, Phase 1 Housing will be completely full, apart from Lot 75, where we envision the building of 2 four-plex units for those working on the land. Once this phase is complete, we will continue our CMHC housing in Phase 1.5, located behind Phase 1. At the current pace, we envision Phase 1.5 being completely full in 5 years.